Offshore services – Trust – Asset Planning & Management

A wide variety of advise and services are offered in this area, be it through the Law Firm in Italy or through its affiliate partners in Panama and British Virgin Islands, Switzerland and Hong Kong,  given their General Trust License are authorized to incorporate and manage Business Companies and Trusts in said countries.
A private or corporate client will find that his needs will be met by a competent team of attorneys and support staff, with vast experience and knowledge in offshore operations.
The aforementioned jurisdictions, each of them with its very own “flavour”, boast favorable tax laws for companies executing offshore transactions and looking for privacy and asset protection.

The corporations organized in said jurisdiction could be used for several purposes.

They are most widely used as personal holding companies, that is, a company used by a client to open bank and brokerage accounts in order to fulfill his investment needs and maintain the proper discretion as to them.

However, these companies can also be used for a wide variety of uses such as the purchase of real estate and also as operating companies outside the clients own jurisdiction; in short they can be used for any legal means.

The firm is also in a position to offer its services in the constitution and management of Trusts and Private Interest Foundations -among the others-, in order to facilitate the organized transfer of property and to help the clients in their asset protection planning.

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