This is definitely our flagship area of expertise. It is THE firm’s core competence.

P&S EcoAvvocati expertise covers all aspects of the complex and vivid field of environmental regulations.

Our team of attorneys deals with all the profiles connected to environmental legislation and ther collateral subjects, such as energy, health work and safety, providing assistance in the system of norms with the deepest impacts on national and international companies.

We assist companies in the complicated labirynth of environmental legislation, which determines nowadays the highest percentage of costs because of its complexity and strictness (up to 20% of annual budget *OCSE source), providing personalized solutions able to optimize this fundamental competitive aspect on the global market.

Our experience and track record make us one of leading environmental practices in Italy.

We have a dedicated group of client-focused specialists in all branches of environmental law for clients ranging from small businesses to major corporations.

The primary goals of our firm are to help our clients comply with all environmental laws and avoid or minimize potential environmental liability and auditing principles to protect them from violations and penalties.

We differ from many law firms because we believe that it is in a company’s best interest

1) to work proactively to eliminate environmental issues before government inspections, government enforcement, and litigation

2) to have an established long-term relationship with an attorney who effectively serves as an environmental in-house counsel

The firm represent individuals and organizations in bringing actions where they believe a violation has occurred.

P&S works on a regular basis with international and local law firms to provide  full assistance to their clients.

We also work closely with other tecnichal consultants and accountants involved in the environmental sector.



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