All our associates, boast first level curricula, especially concerning specialistic post-university studies, which is considered an essential feature in order to guarantee excellence and expertise.

In particular, related to the expertise are listed, the associates keep renovating their curricula with university master, highly specialized training courses, SSPL and refresher courses.

The foreign languages used in the professional activities are English,French,German,Spanish including also “new vehicular languages” such as Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Same commitment is put into the usage of the “new Technologies”, through the entire computerization of our activity and the continuous investment on instruments and multimedial services, with the aim of offering  a modern and competitive service.

The professionals are further more involved into Academic activities, they are often called to conduct as lecturers many courses, seminars and conferences, organized from the most important public and private authorities, and from National and International training companies.

P&S EcoAvvocati

Avv.  Massimiliano Passalacqua (Master’s Degree, S.S.P.L – Managing Partner)

Avv. Vincenzo Solenne (Master’s Degree, Advocat in Barcelona, S.S.P.L – Partner)

Avv. Nicola Caputo (Cassazionista- Senior Counsel)

Avv. Luca Ventura (Of counsel)

Avv. Matteo De Paolis (Of counsel)

Avv. Giuliana Conforti (Of counsel)

Avocat Eugène Parise  (Solicitor and Barrister, Certified Tax Expert, Patent and Trademark Att, Financial Intermediary in Switzerland and Hong Kong- Senior Counsel)

Dr. Eduardo Iacomino (Praticante Avvocato)

Dr.ssa Deborah De Stefani (Praticante Avvocato)

Dott.ssa Linda Picone (Dottore Commercialista)

Dott.ssa Tatiana Ryabchenko (Responsabile Desk Italia – Russia – Consigliere dell’associazione internazionale dei giuristi di lingua russa in rappresentanza dell’Italia- Of counsel)


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